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Courses & Events at High Heathercombe Centre

The Bridge

Denise Rowe

Earth Dances
12 Feb 2024
16 Feb 2024

Entering the Rhythm:

Dropping into rhythm together through pan-African dance & rhythm traditions. Includes Ceremonial Mbira Night.

A powerfully transformative immersive journey connecting body, earth and spirit through embodied movement. It’s time to remember the truth of who we really are as part of this living Earth. So that we can take a stand on the solid ground of ourselves. And live in alignment, honour and gratitude for the gift of life.

Heart to Hearth

Denise Rowe

Earth Dances
14 Dec 2023
17 Dec 2023

The days are drawing in and the nights are becoming cold.  At this time when the veil is thin and magic is woven into every breath, lets gather to call to our ancestors, dance our prayers and open our hearts to the winter to come

This is the third year for Heart to Hearth, an intimate gathering for members of the Foot to Earth family to come together, sing, dance, play and pray in the heart of the wild lands of Dartmoor

We'll gather on Thursday for lunch, open our circle and dance together, share food and songs around the fire, open our hearts to the land and each other, lay our prayers in the fire and journey through the night in a traditional Zimbabwean mbira ceremony, and rest into the space that opens up on the other side

Lets keep the remembering alive
Lets bring our hearts back to our shared hearth.


Denise Rowe

Earth Dances
11 Jan 2024
14 Jan 2024

For me, the landscape of being a person of mixed heritage is complex, especially when that is visible through my brown body within a white-body-supremacy landscape. Every time I am in space with others of mixed heritage I feel such a deep relief in my body, especially if we are talking about it.

This body of work is for people of colour and mixed heritage to come together and be within the conversation in a way that feels safe and congruent to us.

We begin with a gathering specifically for people of mixed heritage, called Kin.

Brigid's Dream

Denise Rowe

Earth Dances
25 Jan 2024
28 Jan 2024

Drop into your winter body to hear her whispers of spring.
A long weekend of nourishing practices connecting body, earth and spirit among women.


The High Heathercombe Centre
Heathercombe Brake, Manaton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 9XE, UK







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