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Courses & Events at High Heathercombe Centre

Letting go in love; cultivating a relationship with our own death

Anne Overzee

22 Nov 2024
24 Nov 2024

Nov 2024 – Oct 2025
This course comprises a series of five interrelated retreat-workshops exploring the theme of our own death. Those who work with the dying often share the view that it can be a time of healing and spiritual transformation. We will prioritise ‘being with’ our death in different ways, including through creativity, silence, and ritual. The course will include exploring together how the bardos (as described in the Tibetan text, Liberation through Hearing in the Bardos) can support an unveiling of our radiant sacred nature through all the transition moments in our lives, including our dying.

Heart to Hearth

Denise Rowe

Earth Dances
12 Dec 2024
15 Dec 2024

The days are drawing in and the nights are becoming cold. At this time when the veil is thin and magic is woven into every breath, lets gather to call to our ancestors, dance our prayers and open our hearts to the winter to come

This is the fourth year for Heart to Hearth, an intimate gathering for us to come together, sing, dance, play and pray in the heart of the wild lands of Dartmoor.

Yoga Retreat

Sarah Angilley

Sarah Angilley
7 Jun 2024
9 Jun 2024

Enjoy a weekend on Dartmoor with Sarah and other like-minded souls. Kundalini Yoga, mantra and meditation, vegan meals, yogi teas, a sound bath, nature walks, fairy woodland, wild swimming (if you so wish), gorgeous gardens.

The cost is £295 - a deposit of £100 with the remaining £195 to be paid by the end of March 2024. For further information and booking for this event, please email Sarah at

To see other offerings by Sarah, please see

Your Rite - Vision Quest

Natalie Vickers & Katie Rowan

Wild and Home
14 Jun 2024
23 Jun 2024

For 18-26 year olds 'Your Rite’ is a youth vision quest plus online support and mentoring. A summer festival of a different kind!

To actively discover what it might mean and feel like, to be a fuller you. Free of the constraints of the education system, societal expectations and cultural norms. This time could enact a consciously chosen step into adulthood as a rite of passage. Exploring with others within a supportive environment as to what adulthood might mean for you.

Shadow Work Weekend

Tim Hall & Melanie Ward

10 May 2024
12 May 2024

The weekend will be limited to 8 participants. It is open to everyone, whether you are completely new to this type of work, or have loads of experience of diving deep into self development.

Each participant will have the opportunity to do their own in-depth piece of facilitated 'process work'. The weekend will also include various individual, pair and group exercises to build trust and safety, prior to the process work. Participants find they gain a great deal from being part of the circle, from the initial 'container building' exercises and self reflection, and from witnessing and supporting others in doing their work.

'New Tribes' Addiction Recovery Residential

Rite to Freedom

27 Apr 2024
27 Apr 2024

A journey into how creativity, nature connection, and mindfulness can support a vibrant and life-long recovery from addiction. For those with a minimum of six months clean time.

Permaculture Design Course

Aranya & Klaudia van Gool

Learn Permaculture
2 Nov 2024
17 Nov 2024

If you are looking to make significant positive changes in your life, then the permaculture design course will almost certainly help you. This practical course provides you with a broad introduction to the applications of permaculture in a number of different situations, from food production to community structures, and alternative currencies to eco-housing. The course culminates in the main design activity that helps to consolidate all of the learning and empower you to take permaculture back into your home, life and community. This course is for anyone who believes that we need to find ways to better care for ourselves, for each other and for the Earth.

For booking/further info please click the Learn Permaculture link below.
For further info on Klaudia see

Kin Camp

Denise Rowe

Earth Dances
22 May 2024
26 May 2024

For me, the landscape of being a person of mixed heritage is complex, especially when that is visible through my brown body within a white-body-supremacy landscape. And each time I am in space with others of mixed heritage I feel such a deep relief in my body, especially if we are talking about it.

Kin is open to anyone of mixed heritage for whom one parent/grandparent is either European or descended from the European colonisers outside of Europe and one parent/grandparent is non-European and descended from the global majority.

Vision Quest

Natalie Vickers & Peter Mueller

Wild and Home
8 Aug 2024
19 Aug 2024

Life events and our changing lives require of us to be different. This asks us to step into the unknown, in order to do, be and feel these differences. To bring a now fuller version of ourselves into our families, our communities and the world. Old ways and stories need to be seen and heard in order for them to be let go. To allow space for a new way to emerge. These stories and a new vision of change is experienced when we place ourselves in nature in an intentional way. Removing distractions and being ’empty’, we meet ourselves ‘out there’ and nature provisions an opportunity to greet our potential.


The High Heathercombe Centre
Heathercombe Brake, Manaton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 9XE, UK







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