Courses & Events

at High Heathercombe Centre 


Spring Permaculture Design Course. 14th - 29th March

With Aranya and Caroline Aitken


Spring Volunteer Week 27th April-1st May

with the High Heathercombe team


Shadow Work Weekend. 29th - 31st May

With Melanie Ward and Tim Hall


Experimental Firing Workshop. 12th - 14th June

Obvara & Tipi Kiln with Imogen Taylor-Noble


Powerful Practices for Transforming Times. 16th to 21st June

A Rich Weaving of Deep Adaptation, Trauma Healing, Grief Tending and Permaculture Design. With Sophy Banks, Mel Lamb and team.


Roots of Resilience - The Power of Nature Connection. 6th to 12th July

With May MacKeith and Lindsay Alderton


Freely Given Retreats - Earth in Mind 8th - 15th August

With Suvaco and Rupert Marques


Freely Given Retreats - 24th - 30th August

with Laura Bridgman (Kovida) and Zohar Lavie


Foot to Earth Camp. 2nd - 6th September

With Denise Rowe and Guests


Natural Musicians with Chris Holland. 18th - 20th September. Find harmony and connection making music in nature

If you're looking for a playful, joyful and fun way to have musical adventures in nature then you've come to right place!  The Natural Musicians retreat is a very creative, expansive and most importantly, enjoyable weekend immersed in nature, music and rhythm.   It is brimming with exciting, inventive ways of working with music, sound, language and rhythm using nature as a muse, backdrop and percussive instrument.  You will learn many wonderful and artistic activities and perhaps more importantly, awaken your own capacity to get creative with what you can find, use and be inspired by all around you.  It is also a wonderful communal experience, deep in nature, enfolded in her cloak of stars.  What are you waiting for?  The world is your acorn.

Facilitated by Chris Holland, author of I love my world  - a best selling nature connection guidebook, storyteller, musician, nature connection educator and publisher who has recently been a special beat playing didgeridoo on FCBBC.

Fee and more information to follow.

Autumn Volunteer Week. 5th - 9th October

with the High Heathercombe team

An opportunity to spend a colourful autumn week working and playing high in the Dartmoor National Park. In return for your efforts we offer shared accommodation, delicious organic vegetarian food, great company and a gentle community experience in beautiful surroundings.

More information to follow


Contact Mel for more details and bookings:

Shadow Work Weekend. 16th - 18th October

With Melanie Ward and Tim Hall

Would you like to:

...experience greater awareness of and freedom from the old patterns that hold you back in your life?

...gain more control of your emotions (rather than them controlling you)?

...heal emotional wounds from the past?

...access more of your vital life force energy?

...find the 'real' you?

Shadow Work: a safe space where all parts of you are welcomed, where you can transform issues at the 'root' and find the 'gold' in even the darkest places. an intensive, experiential and often cathartic process which allows you to explore all parts of yourself deeply and, above all, safely.

....empowers you to explore and change limiting and destructive behaviour patterns, and understand and heal situations that 'trigger' you, so that you can live life more fully and with more choice.


The weekend is limited to 8 participants, with each participant having the opportunity to do their own in depth piece of facilitated process work. 


Melanie Ward and Tim Hall are experienced facilitators and therapists and are certified Shadow Work Group Facilitators.


For further information call Melanie on 07581 375988 or visit

Full Permaculture Design Course. 31st October - 15th November

With Aranya and Klaudia van Gool

This practical course will bring the possibility of significant and positive life changes. Permaculture offers a perspective on all aspects of building a sustainable future. Permaculture encourages us to use our individual skills, knowledge and interests, whilst drawing on traditional wisdom, science and our innate ability to observe and learn from the world around us.


Course investment: £825 / £595 concessions

See for full course details and bookings.

Felt Making. 17th - 19th November

With Mel Lamb

These autumn felt-making days, offer the chance to immerse yourself in colour, expand your creativity and to enjoy making a wide range of decorative 2D and wearable 3D work, including hangings, hats, slippers, cushions and bags.

Residential or non-residential 2 days:   £220 res. / £170 non-res. and conc.  (Tuition, all materials, accommodation, and catering inclusive.)

Please email for booking forms and more information - Thank you

Living From The Heart Retreat. 24th -29th November

With Jayaraja

This retreat is an opportunity to come together as a temporary community to explore what it means to live from the heart. Being in touch with our hearts helps us to feel more alive to ourselves and sensitive to others, helping us to see what truly matters and to live authentically. Jayaraja will beautifully interweave led meditation, simple ritual, communication teaching and community, whilst also allowing space for silence, long walks, reflection and fun.

Suggested Contributions £295 full waged, £195 low waged, £100 unwaged

Booking deposit : £80

Please email for booking forms and more information - Thank you

Grief Tending in Community. 6th - 9th December

With Sophy Banks, Jeremy Thres and team

Grieving is a natural process, allowing feelings such as sadness, loneliness, anger, despair and many more. The more we open ourselves to love others, to celebrate the beauty of our world, to long for peace and justice, the more we open ourselves to the pain of losing what we love, or the destruction and the inequality in the world around us. Over this spacious weekend our intention is to journey together to gently allow our grief to surface, give it expression and come to a place of integration and readiness to return to our lives. This long weekend gathering brings together many strands of grief work with elders including Sobonfu Some, Martin Prechtel and Joanna Macy, and draws on the work of Maeve Gavin and Wisdom Bridge.

Numbers are limited so encourage you to book early.

Fees to be confirmed.

This payment includes the costs of facilitation by a team of six, venue and accommodation, food and catering.

If you can contribute more on this scale then please do so, it will enable us to keep this work accessible.

If you need a bursary place, or to make an arrangement to pay in installments the please contact Jeremy.

It is our intention that money doesn't prevent anyone from attending, so please be in touch if you need to make an arrangement with us.

For more information and bookings please contact Jeremy 01647 432638,  or Sophy 01803 840877,

Doorways - Winter Movement Retreat for Women 18th-20th December

With Denise Rowe

A weekend of movement & stillness, sound & silence in the company of women on the land at winter solstice. The land is full of wisdom, the river is whispering her dreams. We are the gatherers, in winter’s dark womb time, of the mysteries. It is the work of the women, and through our bodies it is accomplished.

For more details please see

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Please phone or email for fuller details and latest info - thank you!


There are concessionary places available on most courses and events
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