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Freely Given Retreats is a charity that offers weeklong meditation retreats in Devon on a donation basis. We believe so strongly that the opportunity to cultivate a meditation practice within the supportive structure of a retreat should not be dependent on how much money a person has. By offering retreats on a pay-what-you-can basis we therefore hope to open up this possibility to a wider range of people. We also wish to include in our retreats an awareness of the social and cultural issues of our time, primarily those connected to environmental degradation and climate change.


We have held retreats at a different few venues but Heathercombe feels like the perfect fit for Freely Given Retreats. We appreciate so much the ethos of the Centre and feel it works towards similar goals in a similar spirit, only by offering different sides to a solution - especially permaculture and getting people back into connection with their roots in this land. In teaming up with Heathercombe it feels like our retreats are made stronger, and some of the elements that we’re not able to include ourselves (for instance around possible responses to the environmental crises we face) are somehow woven in in the background.


The Centre itself offers a remote location on Dartmoor that brings such a valuable dimension to our retreats. It allows people to feel a spacious peace, which is so conducive to allowing a deepening of their inner journey. All of the day-to-day needs for running a group retreat are amply provided for and feedback from our retreatants has given us every bit of confidence that this venue really works.

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