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Write to Freedom have been running courses and retreats at High Heathercombe since 2008; for young prisoners, men's groups and those in recovery from addiction/alcoholism. 



I can think of no better setting on the whole of south Dartmoor for our work. The landscape, the site and the grounds have become a second home. Each time I come back my body exhales with the recognition and relief of our return to such a magical, breathtaking spot.



The seclusion and privacy enables our work to go as deep as we need. The stunning, ancient landscape is a vital part of what we offer to our participants and staff. Time round the fire when the weather is dry, time in the cosy main house when shelter is needed. Returning at the end of a long day from the high moor, rivers and woods, High Heathercombe is a place tucked snugly inside the wild, sometimes tempestuous landscape.



I have seen the transformational power of this place on the faces of so many friends and colleagues, time and time again. The development of the site and grounds goes from strength to strength. This is a fantastic place to learn and grow; an indigenous oasis in an increasingly fractured world. Long may it thrive and provide solace, peace and adventure.




Caspar Walsh - Founder, Write to Freedom

07771 561 447


01364 631 088





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